9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.

MELT: Lower Body Workshop

Root To Rise Yoga (222 W. Franklin St., Kenton, OH, 43326, US)
(222 W. Franklin St., Kenton, OH, 43326, US)
Bobbie Cooley

The MELT Method is a simple, self-care practice that anyone, at any age or activity level, can learn. MELT is a wonderful compliment to your yoga practice as it will heighten your sensorimotor control and improve your overall balance and stability. 

In this workshop Cori from Everyday Bodywork will focus on how to help us calm the mind, restore joint stability, ease pain and symptoms, improve heart rate variability, improve sensorimotor control, and target fascia's supportive qualities

Cost for workshop is $35. Sign up at 


About Cori: Cori Morse is passionate about self-exploration, appreciates and enjoys the art of organization, fully embraces her rebellious spirit, is the mother of a teenager, and is the creator of Everyday Bodywork, a wellness studio in Bellefontaine, Ohio that promotes self-care practices. As a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer & Workshop Facilitator, Cori's approach to healing focuses on self-empowerment through the use of self-care tools and techniques. With a friendly, curious, and sometimes humorous approach to healing, Cori enthusiastically shares her experience with those who desire to feel more freedom in their everyday bodies. She shares her work through workshops, classes, 1-on-1 instruction, and community collaboration. Visit the Everyday Bodywork website to learn more. 

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