Winter CYCLING Training
CycleFitness - 20wk ONLINE WINTER CYCLING Training 2023
Are you NEW to cycling and planning on purchasing a bike trainer to train INSIDE this winter?
This Winter cycling training subscription might be for you.

Who benefits from this type of program:
-New cyclist
-New to Zwift
-Want a scheduled training plan
-Develop better cycling skills
-Being coached by a cyclist who has online coaching experience
-Likes having a PLAN for improvement

Since 2006, I've been offering a winter cycling training program - 16wk Winter Road Cycling Program, which was conducted in a spinning studio. And now since covid and the rise of training programs like Zwift, the program has evolved to incorporate online training through zoom and group training on Zwift.
This is great for cyclists who are looking for a structured training program with coaching on skill development and strength training in the off-season.
As aging athletes, proper training to reach our cycling goals is becoming more and more important.

Winter Training focus:
1. Improve Pedal stroke
2. Efficient Hill climbing techniques
3. Endurance Base building
4. Interval training
5. Ride 100km by April (just one of the many goals)
6. Performance tracking (FTP testing)

Organized and scheduled weekly training sessions that = 4hrs-6hrs in total training
Program Session: Thursday night (1hr) - Online zoom skills coaching (recordings will be provided)
BONUS Sessions
Saturday am (2hrs) - Zwift group ride with group chat in a FB chat room (super fun) build up to 4hrs/100km
Tuesday night (1hr) - Specific Interval training or Zwift race
START: Thursday, Oct 6 @ 6-7pm

Recorded 5%-20% improvement in your cycling performance
For ONLY $49/mo +tax. Worth over $350 in coaching hours/mo
Highly Recommended Add-On: For an extra $9 you can add the weekly Strength training & YOGA sessions (all recorded for your convenience)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a commitment to your training goals, til April when the program comes to an end.
Once the monthly subscription has started, there is no refund or cancellation.

All the participants who have taken this winter program since 2005, have started their Spring cycling at a whole new level for fitness and cycling skills.
This could be you!

1. Can I use the Spin BIke I have at home?
Yes, you can, provided you have a working heart monitor and the spin bike tracks cadence.
We will be using zoom for our Thursday night training sessions.
And you can use the spin bike to join us on Zwift. How we worked it last year for participants who were not on Zwift. We all joined together in our FB chat room and one of us shared the Zwift screen. While you are not in Zwift with us, you are riding with us online

2. Do I need to have a Zwift account to join?
Not really, BUT it helps A LOT. We will be using Zwift for FTP testing to track progress.
For proper cycling training, Zwift provides the ability to join group rides and train in your personalized FTP-based intervals.

3. Do I need to purchase the Weight/Strength Training ADD-ON?
No, it's recommended that weight training is part of your winter training, as part of this program or at your local gym or at home.
The Add-On is a convenient way to access already recorded, quick, fast & effective 9min-27min workouts.

4. Do I have to attend all three sessions every week?
No. The important program session is the Thursday Skills Session. The Saturday Group ride and Tuesday night session are bonuses, however, recommended for overall cycling fitness improvement.
Many of the past clients only attended the weekly session and improved their cycling skills over the winter. Those who attended the weekly skills sessions AND added additional training improved their overall fitness by 5%-20% by the end of the program.

ADD-ON: Fitness Workouts & Yoga - For CycleFitness Members
$9.99/mo Add-On
Add the weight training and Yoga to the Winter strength training monthly membership.
Valid from October 2022 to April 2023.

Enjoy the benefits of adding weight training and yoga to your winter cycling training and watch how much your cycling improves.