Squish balance bike

At just 3.86kg the Squish 12 is a balance bike that’s as easy for your child to handle as possible; being lighter weight allows even the most nervous beginners to climb on board and scoot with confidence in no time. After a little while each of those nervous little “scoots” will get longer and longer until you find yourself chasing after them as they glide along with a big grin on their face! Until then, there’s a little carry handle on the rear of the saddle for the inevitable walk back home, or to the car when patience learning has worn a little thin for the day.

Other features include a rear brake with junior specific, reach-adjust brake lever so that stopping can be mastered once balance becomes second nature. And, a 135 degree head-lock to ensure the front wheel can’t be turned too sharply, which could result in a catapulting child over handlebar incident – a definite end to the days practice!

» Perfect little bike to perfect balance and breaking, removing the need for stabilisers in future
» 12″ Wheels with 11cm Frame ideal for approx. 2yrs+
» Stand over clearance, 27.5cm
» Super lightweight alloy frame
» 135 degree headlock to avoid over-steer
» Junior Specific V-Brake, with reach adjust lever
» Funky, Squish Saddle with parent carry handle
» Complete weight just 3.86kg!
» Available in Blue only.

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