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Pregnancy Yoga - Nourish the mother

L2Y Pregnancy Yoga course is a wonderful way to prepare for labour and birth.
Each 90-minute class consists of yoga-based exercises & movement, breathing awareness, meditation techniques & a relaxation to keep you fit and healthy during your pregnancy.
The classes are specifically designed as gentle, yet strength building to help you release tension, relax & be comfortable throughout your pregnancy.
You will also learn techniques to help you through labour with or without medical pain management.
The benefits of Pregnancy Yoga include:
• improved sleep quality
• better blood circulation
• reduced swelling from fluid retention
• good posture and body awareness
• improved digestion
• reduced back pain
• a small, shared community of pregnant women.
Each class concludes with an opportunity to chat and ask questions about birth related topics.
Your teacher is familiar with many of the physical discomforts that may accompany pregnancy – backache, heartburn, etc - and will be able to show you which postures to avoid and which might aid soothing.

The classes are open to all pregnant women from 12+ weeks of pregnancy, and are suitable for all regardless of fitness levels or backgrounds.
No previous experience of yoga is required, but is helpful.
Dionne Myers is a 500 hr yoga alliance teacher, who has been practicing yoga for almost fifteen years. Dionne specialises in yoga for women's wellness trained by Uma Dinsmore Tuli and holds a specialised 85 hr pregnancy yoga qualification with Sally Parkes
Pregnancy yoga is much more than simple stretching/ light exercise. Please ensure you take classes with specially trained teachers with vast yoga and yoga experience..