3km Pool (25m) Coaching Program PDF

If you are based outside of Christchurch, or are further afield across the seas, don’t panic! We can still support you with your training and motivation to keep your swimming on track. Our 3km and 5km programs are designed for you to be able to pick up and run with, whether you are building towards an event, or simply looking for new ideas and structure to keep your swimming fun and interesting.

Our 3km program will suit any swimmer aiming to build up their endurance to complete a 3km open water event. It is also ideal for those training for a 1.8km triathlon swim. If you can complete the 3km swim training program you are more likely to comfortably complete a half triathlon swim distance with energy to spare for the rest of your event.

These programs are entirely pool based. We highly recommend doing some open water swimming prior to your event, ideally somewhere with a coach or water safety available.
Training will consist of three programmed swims per week, with a 4th optional swim.

These programs run in three parts;

PART ONE = Weeks 1 – 4: Introduction: lay your foundation/build fitness/refine technique. Total of 16 sessions.
PART TWO = Weeks 5 – 8: Pace work: develop your speed. Total of 16 sessions.
PART THREE = Weeks 9 – 12: Distance transition, followed by one taper week and final prep. Total of 16 sessions.
To purchase a program and get started email Chloe: swimcoach@fitandabel.com.

Pricing options:

Purchase the full 48 session program for $120

We recommend all swimmers consult with their doctor before proceeding with any vigorous training programs. Our recommendation is that all swimmers swim within their means and take more rest or shorten the program if required. FitandAbel are available for consultations, support and advice if you require it. FitandAbel is not liable for any health issues, injuries or related issues whilst you undertake one of these programs.


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