Learn to Swim Camp with Dan Abel - secure your spot now with deposit

Introducing this limited and intimate learn to swim clinic where you will learn all of the fundamentals of the art of freestyle. You will walk away with knowledge, confidence, and ability.
The camp is for people who cannot swim and over the course of 2.5days Dan will coach five sessions.
Please note if you register for this camp, Dan recommends that you check your flexibility and range of motion. There are many things we can teach you at this camp but if you can recognise now you are very tight with restricted range of motion, stretching prior to the camp will help you get a lot more out of the weekend.
The course is limited to four people. And will only go ahead if filled.

Cost: $550
This covers:
- access to the RealSwim Centre facilities, surrounding grounds and function room
- specialist clinic planning, delivery and safety for two and a half days
- a highly experienced and expert swim coach with a wealth of knowledge
- intimate and focused learning in a small group
- lunch on Saturday and Sunday.