Lake Brunner Long Distance Experience - Swim Camp, secure your spot here with deposit

Lake Brunner is located in Moana, on the West Coast of NZ’s South Island and provides the perfect training ground for distance swimming. 
We have designed this camp to put all your hard work over summer into practice. This includes a Lake Brunner crossing, adventure swim and three ‘set course’ swims. Your final set course swim of the weekend will include swimming in the dark, before day break, providing you a chance to test your night vision swimming :)

There will be four swims across the four days, one stretching clinic & additional activity
Finish off your swim season on a high with this varied and adventurous swimming weekend in this stunning dark lake. 
All swims are tow float compulsory.

An important part of long-distance swim training is ensuring your training follows a nice progression, eg; a steady increase in training volumes and/or intensity. Long distance requires consistency and commitment to training and excellent nutrition. All of which greatly reduces the risk of injury and vastly increases your chances of success.

Group size is limited to 16 people. Book early to avoid disappointment as this camp does sell out quickly.
Total Cost: $695NZD per person for the four days. Once you secure your spot with your $25% ($173.75) non-refundable deposit, we will send you an invoice with your final payment details due 60 days prior to the camp beginning.

Accommodation & meals not included. 
For further info check the website ( or please email Chloe;