1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Intro to Strongman

StrengthHubE15 (71 Holland Road, London, E15 3BP, GB)
(71 Holland Road, London, E15 3BP, GB)
Sally Moss, Stephanie Gooch

This 2-hour workshop introduces the sport of strongman/strongwoman to beginners. It is suitable for those who have done some weight training before, but may be completely new to strongman, or those who have tried strongman before but would like more in-depth coaching on the events.

This workshop is NOT suitable for people who are completely new to lifting weights or strength training. You need to be able to competently perform a barbell deadlift, to join this workshop.

However, you don't need to be super strong! We just want to ensure that you have the technique to pick loads up safely. We have light 'beginner' versions of all the events you will be learning in this session.

In this Intro to Strongman, you'll learn to lift a log, hoist an atlas stone, flip a tyre and carry a load.

This workshop is the introduction session for our regular strongman sessions.

COVID Secure measures: Most events take place outside, and capacity is limited for indoor events. Gym is ground floor with a door direct to the outside and good ventilation.
You must register at least 8 hours before the workshop starts.


5 minutes walk from West Ham station. Free car parking available.

The gym is on the ground floor on the left hand side of the building. Enter through the front doors of the building and turn left.


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