Single-side Headstand doughnut
I make the doughnut from high quality cork that is carved correctly so that over time it will mold to your head. The double sided is for head to head but it is also okay to use it on a flat surface. Make sure only "your head" uses one side and the other side can be for friends or your top mount.

Doing a free standing headstand takes time and patience and in the beginning you should use a spotter to assist you. In yoga the headstand is called sirsasana and it is one of the most popular positions. In the circus arts hand balancers compliment their routine by performing a freestanding headstand on a doughnut platform that forms to the shape of their head. An advanced technique is an adagio team performing a head to headstand. A head to head requires a double sided doughnut.

If you have never performed headstand before it is advised you do so under the guidance of a teacher.

If you are not comfortable doing the position go against a wall. There are the steps to performing a freestanding headstand. "Free" means your hands are not touching the ground. I will send a description / guideline manual with the doughnut.

From a yoga perspective the headstand is a powerful inversion and like all inversions it's great for boosting circulation throughout the body. It is especially beneficial for replenishing the stagnant blood in the legs. In this pose, the flow of blood to the head is increased, meaning the functioning of the brain and eyes is improved. The headstand keeps the skin looking youthful and radiant, it's known to enhance concentration and assists with digestion.


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