Program cost:
Program begins from the day you register.
8 month program billed monthly
$60 per month

When you register for this course you will receive your first months program with drill videos and your worksheet. You will be billed monthly and receive updated videos/worksheet each month from the day you began the program.

This program is designed specifically to prepare aspiring circus artists for the entrance auditions for higher education circus programs. However, it is a great way for aerialists or acrobats of any level to increase their overall strength and prevent injury.
This program consists of eight progressive levels, each level designed to be done for one month and building on the strength and skills acquired in previous levels. Those who can already do a pull-up / chin-up and a leg lift can begin at Level 4.

Each level consists of:
Lower body workout (1hr.), an upper body workout (1hr.), and a full body (1hr.) and cardio workout (1hr.) along with demonstrative videos.

Each workout, once a week, for a total of three hours a week, for the whole month.

This program, when done in conjunction with other high level circus training, will prepare aspiring circus artists for the rigorous strength portion of higher education circus school auditions.

The program only needs a pull-up bar so all workouts can be done at home.

Need to see a doctor before doing this workout
Doing this program will not guarantee your admittance to a higher education circus school
You must do the program correctly in order to see results
Do this program at your own risk
  • $60.00 per month
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