noon - 1:30 p.m.

YOUTH: Beginner Cyr Wheel (with Sam Tribble)

San Diego Circus Center - DOWDY DR. (9340 Dowdy Dr, San Diego, California, 92126, US)
(9340 Dowdy Dr, San Diego, California, 92126, US)

Beginner’s Class: YOUTH (8 to 17)
1 Hours (90.00)
After the initial warm-up, students will spend 20 minutes learning basic wheel manipulation for safety with the focus of finding control and predictability of their apparatus. The remainder of the class will be spent in and out of the wheel learning two basic techniques for "spinning" inside the wheel. An emphasis will be placed on learning various techniques for initiating the "waltz.” Creative movement and individual styles of expression with the Cyr wheel will also be explored.

Over All Description
Each session will begin with a 10 minute basic warm up incorporating stretches and body movement that will facilitate learning. Progressive Axis Training (PAT) technique will be explained and students will learn how to manipulate the Wheel in all three plans of movement in addition to understanding how to perpetuate momentum in the apparatus. Students will also be taught progression and safety considerations for the art of Roue Cyr.
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