6 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Laughter Yoga with Sarah

EventWell Fit - Zoom Room 1
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Sarah Routman

Let’s de-stress and unwind with intentional laughter. For 30 minutes, Sarah will guide you on a journey of letting loose and letting go as we laugh out loud. Wait! Is that a tickle on your shoulder? What does lifting weights with laughter feel like? Look forward to a workout that includes childlike fun and playfulness that works your abs and gets your blood flowing. Sarah loves to remind people how great laughing is for your body physically. Just the simple act of smiling sends endorphins to your brain immediately. After 15 minutes of belly laughs, you can eat another 50 calories of your favorite junk food! Not bad for not even thinking about going to the gym! Not only that, but laughter is also known to increase lung capacity, so it’s a great proactive practice to keep the oxygen flowing throughout your body. You’ll even take it with you and find you can get this incredible workout in the shower, in the car or on a walk. Participants in Sarah’s classes report feeling ‘lighter’, ‘giddy’, and ‘ready for anything!’ Don’t take their word for it – try it for yourself! And don’t worry, this is a come-as-you-are event: no special clothes or yoga mat required!

EventWell Fit - Zoom Room 1


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