Womb Yoga Moon Cycle Immersion

During this course, we will connect to the full cycle of the moon together. 

We will meet weekly over the course of a complete moon cycle to yoga together, chart our cycles together and connect to changing of the seasons. Each session will be two hours long and include different moon rituals, yoga, relaxation, journaling. We will immerse ourselves in the energy of the moon cycle, and our own natural cycle, as well as tune into the rhythm of the seasons. 

You will learn

-Womb Yoga practices to facilitate a balanced cycle

-How the moon and seasons affect your cycle

-How to chart your cycle 

-The power of harnessing your cycle in day to day life

-Ayurveda tips and tricks to help create more rhythm to your cycle, diet, sleep and digestion 

These sessions are for you in all stages of your life. Whether you have a cycle or not. Your are welcome to come again and again! It’s never quite the same. 

The sessions will be held in the gorgeous wild woods, next to a stream, near Ponden, Stanbury. There is a small shelter, fire and toilet available. Please dress in layers and be prepared for the weather to change. 

Space is limited to allow for personal, tailored information for each individual that attends. As part of the course we will spend a few minutes on the phone before hand discussing what you would like to get out of the course, any specific health issues you'd like to attend to, mentally or physically.  

"What a beautiful evening.  Thank you sooo much.  When are the next sessions?"- Sharon 

I’d recommend this course to a friend because-  “It’s perfect time to really focus on yourself and learn new things. It's an inspirational group where women come together to support each other on their journey of cycle tracking. 100% I‘ll come again!” Anna