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Swim School Autumn 2021

Swim School Autumn 2021

Lead by BTF Level 3 coach and former British Triathlon Olympic High-Performance Coach Mark Pearce, this unique swim programme takes you through all the aspects of improving your front crawl stroke for triathlon and open water swimming.

This session is completely technique-focused, beginning with improving aspects such as your breathing and breath control, learning how to use your legs effectively (this may mean using them less), improving your alignment, understanding how rotation affects your stroke and getting your timing right. Finally moving on to the propulsive parts of your stroke with the catch and pull through.

Using a combination of drill exercises and full stroke swimming with a maximum of 5 swimmers per lane, you can expect constant feedback and expert advice.

Once you have purchased the plan, you will be asked to create an account on our member website, unlock lots of additional content closer to the start date.

Each week you will receive an informative email that provides specific details of the week's session. There is also a private chat area for anyone on the programme to ask questions and discuss the sessions.

Each week one of the coaches will add some comments to that week's session in your training diary so you can continue to work on the key points in your own time.

The lanes are intended to reflect the swimming ability of the participant, so you should be swimming with people of a similar ability.

Lane 1 - Is for swimmers new to a structured coaching environment and who swim slower than ~2m 30s for repeated 100m.
Lane 2 - is for swimmers who may have had some instruction in the past or who can swim 100m repeats 2m15 - 2m 30s.
Lane 3 - Is for more experienced swimmers swimming ~ 1m55s to 2m10s per 100m
Lane 4 - is for Intermediate level swimmers swimming 1m35 - 1m50s per 100m.

If you have attended our session before, this is slightly different, the range above would previously have covered lanes 1 - 3, so if you were a fast lane 3, you would now be in lane 4. A slower lane 4 would now be in Lane 3. Similarly, if you were a fast lane 1 or 2, you will now be one lane higher up.

Ensure you select the correct lane on the drop-down menu below

After purchase, you will receive an email from Intelligent Triathlon Training asking you to verify your subscription. This will allow you access to our member's platform.