Creatine Performance


Suitable for Vegans
30 servings per bag @ 89p per serving. Each serving provides:

5g creatine monohydrate from Creapure®
10g D-Ribose

If you need more energy and explosive power during your workouts then a supplement strategy that includes Creatine Performance is a necessity.

An industry first, Creatine Performance combines both creatine (an ATP initiator) and d-ribose (an ATP sustainer) in efficacious dosages of 5g and 10g, respectively. The powerful natural combination produces an ergogenic formula for improving athletic performance and endurance. The small amount of dextrose is added to allow for an easier transition of Creapure® and D-Ribose to pass through in to the bloodstream and in to your cells to fuel performance


Firstly, Creatine is a natural substance found in the human body. It is essential to life, with the average adult having around 80 - 130 grams of creatine in his/her body.Creatine plays a vital role in transporting energy within each of the body’s trillions of cells – in skeletal muscles, the heart, brain and other organs.

Creatine essentially helps your body to regenerate your ATP supply. ATP is the energy system used during maximum contractions and power output for a short period of time during things like Sprints, Weightlifting, Boxing, and Jumping.

For the right sporting discipline, Creatine Performance can help you to perform repeated bouts of High intensity activities for longer, leading to a greater training effect and therefore an increase in athletic performance.


Creapure® is the gold standard in terms of quality, purity and safety. It’s that simple. Creatine has been tried and tested by athletes the world over and been shown to increase, strength, size, power output, recovery and even in some studies, muscular endurance. We have made sure each and every serving of Creatine Performance provides a efficacious 5g dose of Creapure® which is considered the standard across the sports nutrition industry.


D-Ribose is an organic compound and is the building block of Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP). The more ATP we have the more we can repeat these bouts of high intensity movements. It is thought then that, Creatine is the ATP initiator and D-Ribose is the ATP sustainer. Concomitantly, supplementation with these two natural ingredients can lead to a competitive edge over your opponent.


The unflavoured version can be stacked with other products within the ICON range to aggregate the positive effects of multiple products into one drink. Try adding the unflavoured version to your Amino Performance, 100% Whey, Recovery, Hibernate, or Muscle Greens.

This product can also be consumed anytime of the day. The important thing here is to get the Creatine in to the body daily. Studies from the Human Performance Laboratory at Ball State University suggest that just 5g of creatine intake is enough to reach saturation and for you to see an increase in strength and explosive performance in the gym or on the field.

Being such a refreshing drink, Creatine Performance can also be sipped on during or after a workout.


Creatine Performance could help you to reach a better FRAN time, lift them extra few kgs or shave the vital milliseconds off your 100m sprint and give you that competitive advantage in your sport.

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