9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Wednesday AM - Dynamic Hatha Yoga

DU Zoom Yoga
5 Attendees
David Upson

Visible to: everyone
Wednesday AM - Live Streamed Dynamic Hatha Yoga via Zoom
Class duration
60 minute class

Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga classes follow a well developed themed structure.
The start of each class will be given to a short period of time to focus on the practice ahead and let the breath settle. Creating a connection between the mind and body.

Generally this is followed by a series of intelligently sequenced warmup asanas (postures) and preparatory poses are used to support any peak pose.

Building into a more challenging asanas sequence, variations on Sun Salutations are used to strengthen, test balance and endurance, increase mobility and flexibility. These gentle flowing sequences will include strong asanas being held for a number of breaths, which will generate a heat in the body. Ladder sequences are also frequently used, a simple method of building and layering progressively more complex sequences. Floor based asanas are used to cool the body down and bring equilibrium to the mind, before a restorative final phase.

Suitable for
Level 2 Students - intermediate (more than 12 months regular weekly practice). People with a high level of fitness and mobility.

Not Suitable for
Pre and Postnatal students

Zoom classes will consist of a mixture of verbal instruction, physical demonstration and instructor lead cues.
Always practice with awareness of how your body feels, any instant discomfort or pain needs to be avoided. A regular practice is about cultivating steadiness in the breath, body and mind.

DU Zoom Yoga

How To Use Zoom® to join the live streamed classes
You can download the App onto your laptop, smart phone or device, for free. I recommend doing this in advance and not right before the class starts, so that you are familiar with how it all works. Maybe even have a Zoom chat with a friend who can invite you to a meeting. It will help you feel more familiar with the application if this is a new experience to you. There will not be time just before a class starts to trouble shoot any problems.

A Little Information About Preparing Your Space
Make sure you have enough space at home for your yoga mat and get ready and settled for a class 5 - 10 minutes before the start time. You will need enough room to put your arms and legs sideways to the mat safely to do the class. If you struggle with balance work, place the mat nearby a wall that is free from clutter. You can choose not to be seen or heard by turning off the video and sound if you only wish to follow the class. For example if you have little people in the room with you who maybe looking for or require attention.

Whichever position you need to use to place your mat and device is fine. But it would be beneficial to the teacher to be able to see your whole body for both seated and standing postures. I understand this is not always possible. I’m just over 6 feet tall and need the camera miles away for people to see all of my body.

There are many helpful Zoom tutorials on You-Tube and there are tutorials within the application itself. Once you have downloaded and opened the application, look to the top right hand corner of your browser page and look for the option - Resources. From the drop down menu you can find Video Tutorials for Zoom.

After you are connected turn off your Email and Calendar applications as they can be distracting during class, which is a safety hazard and generally cause a loss of focus.
Remember to turn your video on and your sound off once you enter the online class and keep your sound muted throughout, unless asked to speak by the teacher. I will mute the entire class as we start recording the class.

How to Enter Into A Class
There are many ways to access the zoom meeting, but perhaps the easiest is to follow these directions.
From within your TeamUp Account select the “Schedule” button in the top tool bar. Any specific class in you are booked into will show as “Attending”. Click onto the “Details” button and you will see a button “Open Video Stream”. Click on this and the system will open Zoom in the correct meeting for you. Classes open up 15 minutes before the class is due to start.

Hopefully it will all be plane sailing........


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