Duo Acrobatics 3 hr Workshop

We are thrilled to offer this workshop with Artist in Residence, Daniel Seabra, where we will work the discipline of hand to hand, in a modern and experimental context, through the regular tricks and exercises but also using some creative tools to find and build new ways of working. 

Duo and hand to hand acrobatics combine strength, agility, flexibility, and balance. In this workshop you will learn new tricks and technical skills, explore the fusion of acrobatics with narrative-building exercises in a fun way, discover various circus disciplines alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds and different practices in the circus community.

This course is suitable for beginners preferably with some experience in acrobatics /hand to hand.

Location: Circus Factory
Day: Sunday 14th April
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Class Price: €40.00

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Born in Porto, Daniel Seabra began his artistic career in 2010, specialising in aerial acrobatics at Chapitô – Professional School of Performing Arts and Crafts. Merit student for 3 consecutive years, wins the scholarship Talento Nacional – BES 2013. Worked as an airman for Royal Circus (2013), Cirque Pinder (2014), among others. In 2020 Daniel created his own company "Circo Caótico" and won in 2021 the Young Artist Price of Coliseu do Porto - AGEAS. As a creator the focus of his research is the fusion of circus with other artistic languages in order to perceive the contamination that the disciplines have among themselves, challenging new approaches and performative perspectives.

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