One to One Pilates Session (Face to Face or Zoom)
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I am often asked in class, why would I want to attend a one to one Pilates session?
For those who have done it, they will tell you that the personal attention you get, as well as the focus on health or injury issues, can be incredibly helpful and beneficial to their Pilates practice and also performance in other areas of life.
Who can benefit from a one to one session?
Everyone can! I see clients who have chronic pain, recovering from an injury or operation, want to improve on their general fitness all the way through to sports people.
Women who are pregnant and into the postnatal period often find they need a personalised approach to help them move effectively as their body goes through rapid changes. Other Pilates instructors have come to me for feedback on how they are moving or to progress to more advanced levels.
Clients are any age, from young teenagers through to people in their eighties.
Every one to one session is personalised to your needs and wishes; regular classes, a programme to work on at home or a combination of both.
Some people come three times a week, others come once a month to fine tune their programme and make it more challenging as they are able.
Every session is different and tailored to individual’s needs. In the private environment of a one-to-one session a client can also discuss more sensitive issues which they would not want to raise in a class setting.

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