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Having a Baby: From Soup to Nuts!

The birth class curriculum, designed and taught by co-owner Stephanie Cruse is an balanced approach to help you feel less anxious and more prepared for birth!

The 7.5-hour class takes place over the course of one week, to give you time to process all of the material presented. We've been teaching birth classes for a long time now, and have found that one-day express classes, while they may maximize your time, leave you feeling overwhelmed and like you just drank water from a fire hose with the amount of information given to you all at once! This is an intentionally gradual approach so you can learn and retain as much information as possible. The curriculum includes influences from Lamaze, BirthWorks International, Spinning Babies, and Prenatal Yoga. 

Having a Baby: From Soup to Nuts!

You Will Learn About:
– Knowing if It’s Labor and When to Go to the Hospital
– Stages of Labor and Pushing
– Comfort Measures and Breathing for Birth
– Pain Management and Preparing Your Partner
– Medical Interventions and Complications
– The Golden Hour, First Feeding, and Your Hospital Postpartum Stay

- Space for you and your +1
- Digital copies of all slides and an online library of resources available to you for 3 months after your class
- Access to our FB Client Community
- A curated goody bag of labor and delivery essentials, mailed to you!

About your instructor:
Stephanie Cruse (co-owner of Apple Birth & Wellness) certified as a childbirth educator through BirthWorks International in 2014, has been a birth doula since 2015 with just over 50 births under her belt, and has been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga since 2014.

She got into birth work after she had her son in 2012, and experienced a challenging time with breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Since then, she has been a strong advocate for perinatal wellness, and has specialty trainings in supporting clients with anxiety (pre-existing or perinatally), and trauma-informed support. Her jam is nonjudgmental support and helping you find your perfect mindset for birth. While she misses teaching birth classes in person, she enjoys the challenge of making birth classes fun and informative online!