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Mix Tennis the physically toughest sport with your style of workout and get the gains that you have always wanted! T-FIT gives you access to all our fitness based sessions on offer including - Cardio - Mixing a cardio workout with Tennis so you can make your training more fun. Active Fun workout, maintaining a constant beat to the music. Each session you can expect to burn 600 calories as well as having a great time. Blast - Mixing a workout with Tennis skills, to help you get an idea about Tennis shots while working out. Circuit - The ultimate mix of strength, agility and sports training in one unique class Pilates - TBC
  • £35.99 per month
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    This membership bills every month. The first payment is due on the membership's start date. This membership entitles the purchaser to a full or partial discount on events/classes offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership. This membership cannot be cancelled early. The full 2 months must be purchased to receive the rate listed.