Navigating Emotional Health

Navigating Emotional Health Workshop


Pilates Haus North (upstairs)

Sunday 18th June

3:30 pm – 5 pm

$45 early bird ($49 afterwards)




Emotions are our guidance system to what requires attention & all emotions serve a purpose.


They are learned, like all strategies meaning they can be released & adopted.


This workshop is an absolute must-have for anyone in their personal & professional life, and most importantly in parenting.


Emotional health refers to a person's overall well-being in terms of emotions, feelings, and moods. It encompasses the ability to understand, regulate, and express emotions in a healthy and adaptive way.


Good emotional health allows individuals to lead fulfilling and satisfying lives, and to cope effectively with stress and challenges.


In contrast, poor emotional health can feel like emotions are in the driver's seat of our vehicle & we are in the back – this can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and irritability, and can have a negative impact on relationships and daily functioning.


Everyone’s emotional journey is unique to them & there is a no size fits all solution however this workshop is a solid foundation for you to walk away feeling more in control of your inner world & equipped with practical tools to guide you daily with more ease.


Note: this is not a trauma-based or clinical Worksop. Please consult your general or clinical practitioner for matters such as mental health, PTSD, abuse, trauma & any other related diagnosis etc.


Outcome & benefits of attending this workshop:

·       Increased self-awareness.

·       Improved communication skills.

·       Enhanced coping mechanisms.

·       Greater empathy & compassion for yourself & others.

·       Personal growth & development (which increases self-esteem.)

·       Overall, attending a workshop on emotional health can lead to positive changes in both personal and professional life.



·       Develop self-awareness: gain a better understanding of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

·       Learn coping strategies: Learn effective coping strategies for dealing with difficult emotions and challenging situations, which can help you manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm & support others to develop healthy coping mechanisms too.

·       Parenting: Develop a better understanding of your emotions, which can help you regulate your feelings and model healthy emotional behaviour for your children. This allows parents to become more present & supportive.

·       Identify triggers: Begin exploring possible triggers and understand how they affect your mood and behaviour. This can help you manage your emotions more effectively and prevent negative patterns from continuing.

·       Work towards enhancing resilience: The ability to bounce back from difficult situations and adapt to change. This can help you navigate life's challenges with greater ease and confidence, backing yourself.

·       Connect with others: Opportunity to connect with others seeking growth for themselves (note: we are all human & we all have access to a wide range of emotions – nothing to hide or be ashamed of)

·       Gain insights: Receive practical tools & interaction around managing your emotional well-being.

·       Develop a plan: From here you can begin to set goals or create daily rituals & take concrete steps towards achieving them.



Who should attend:


·       Anyone wanting to take control of their emotions & create a healthy relationship with their inner world.

·       Parents: enabling them to self-regulate & model to their children a healthy emotional range.

·       Anyone with beliefs that emotions are bad or not to be expressed.

·       Anyone curious about expanding their knowledge around this topic.

·       Anyone who wants to improve their emotional health & intelligence.

·       Anyone interested in developing their self-awareness skills.

·       Anyone with patterns of stress, overwhelm, snapping at kids & anger.



Addressing common pain points:


·       Stress

·       Anxiety

·       Overwhelm

·       Low self-confidence or self-esteem

·       Anger


About the HOST!


The Mumma Nest is a supportive space for women focused on creating a transformational experience through exploration of themselves & cultivating a fulfilling life that balances their roles of mother, partner, businesswoman & individual.

The Mumma Nest fosters self-awareness, inner connection, emotional resilience, and conscious living & encourages a strong sense of self through a variety of pathways including private & group coaching, business workshops & return to work / DIY programs either online or in-person.

The Mumma Nest Academy of Learning was created in late 2022 as an affordable online membership option for women providing a village, allowing them to engage in a non-judgemental space & explore their identity, develop strategies to overcome challenges & achieve desired outcomes.

Sarah utilises an integrative approach in her work combining coaching & somatic techniques to encourage women to connect with their body & inner world over listening to their sometimes unresourceful thoughts & external world shaping their experiences & state.

As a Conscious Motherhood Coach, The Mumma Nest was Founded by Sarah Cremona in 2021. She is a mum of three, a professional life coach & Co-Author of the book ‘Women Leading the Way’.

Sarah has recently become a Birth Trauma Volunteer for ABTA & is a Childcare trained educator.

You can contact Sarah here:
Sarah Cremona – Conscious Motherhood Mentor

IG: @the_mumma_nest