Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork is a therapeutic breathing technique that relieves tension and stress. Through circular breathing you can tap into and cleanse yourself of deeply buried obstacles. It is a healing process that can help you to feel alive and free.

This workshop combines Breathwork with a variety of mindfulness techniques to allow deeper self awareness and personal growth. You will be invited to work with internal challenges and obstacles in a way that enables healing and transformation.

Every session can have vast differences in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences. Some people recollect forgotten or repressessed memories, some have emotional traumas from the past emerge and be released.

At the end of a session many individuals are left with solutions or answers to existing problems, others state they experience visitations from their deceased relatives or hear a spiritual connection that gives clear guidance. When a person is completely emerged in the breathwork experience, they feel like the breath is breathing them rather than visa versa.