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Beginners Course (4 weeks)

This four-week workshop will introduce the fundamentals of yoga. It is suitable for the complete beginner or those who have been out of practice and have desire to refresh their practice. 
Set in a safe, friendly atmosphere the workshop will provide a brief overview of yoga. Participants will be guided through a yoga sequence of asanas (poses) which will progress each week. During the workshop there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. 

How will this workshop benefit me?
During the workshop you will get a better understanding of your body and the benefits yoga can bring to your life. The workshop will focus on the following areas:
Coordinating breath with movement
How to modify asanas to suit your body
Build strength and flexibility 
Alignment of asanas and their benefits
The reason behind the yoga sequence
Using your breath to relax and meditate. 
After completing the workshop participants will have laid the foundation for a yoga practice and feel confident to join in with most yoga classes.