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***Cancelled***New Year Cacao and Intention Setting Ceremony with Jocelyn Stockbridge

The ceremony will begin with the drinking of ceremonial cacao followed by a gentle flow whilst the cacao settles in.

Jocelyn will guide you through the process of setting an intention, specific to you, with 2022 in mind. This will be a considered intent developed in a meditative state. 

The practice will finsh with Yoga Nidra allowing you to experience the full benefits of the cacao and time for your intention to settle in and take hold.

You will leave the ceremony having had the opportunity to be still and decide on an intention for the year ahead that it true to you. Jocelyn will equip you with some practical ways of encourage healthy movement of the body as well as easy to use techniqes for a meditation practice. By the end of the session you will feel nourished and relaxed.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothing, layers, socks, anything else you need to feel comfortable, water, a jourmal if you wish to write your intention down.

Contraindications of Cacao:

Jocelyn will offering a 25g dose of cacao. The effects of cacao are short term and similar to caffeine. Cacao is not suitable if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or are taking medication. If concerned, you can still participate without having any cacao.