Lavender Magnolia Natural Perfume

Like a freshly-cut bouquet, Lavender Magnolia natural perfume is delightfully romantic. The airy blend has a playful delicacy that combines the clean aroma of Lavender with Magnolia’s champagne-like sweetness. The citrusy notes of Bergamot and Lemon essential oils add buoyancy to Lavender Magnolia’s blooming aroma. Unlike synthetic fragrances, natural perfume harmonizes with one’s unique chemical makeup to create a signature aroma.

Our long-standing commitment to quality led us to formulate each Natural Perfume at a 20% concentration of pure essential oils, classifying them as true parfum. Not only does the high concentration make for a more compelling aroma, but our Natural Perfume can also last up to 12 hours.

Top Note: Brightened with Bergamot and Lemon citrus.
Heart Note: Champagne sweetness of Magnolia with freshly-cut Lavender.
Base Note: An underpinning of creamy Vanilla.


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