Lavender Essential Oil

Likely one of the most popular essential oils of all time, Lavender has enchanting natural chemistry that exhilarates the mind and body. If you feel agitated or stress, calmly inhaling Lavender’s rich and sweet-herbaceous aroma can melt away your worries. By offering balance, Lavender promotes restoration.

Although historical records don’t account for the exact moment Lavender’s many uses were discovered, it’s believed to have been cultivated in Arabia around 600 B.C. Lavender’s native range now extends across the Canary Islands, North and East Africa, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean and into certain regions of the Middle East and India.

Lavender Bulgarian is high in both Linalool and Linalyl acetate — two naturally occurring constituents that are renowned for their plethora of therapeutic properties. Lavender is one of the most gentle, and widely used, oils in aromatherapy. This oil is often employed for its anti-inflammatory, headache-relieving, immune-supporting, and skin-healing properties. Furthermore, its function as a sedative has made it popular among aromatherapy enthusiasts. With a fresh and powdery aroma that highlights sweet, woody, herbaceous, and floral notes, the luscious scent of Lavender is well-known and frequently sought in perfumery.

Greek Lavender, has been used as a perfume, cooking additive, and bathing supplement since the ancient Grecian era. It has the highest Linalyl acetate content of the bunch, making it a great option for skin-soothing and beauty treatments. Greek Lavender has an aroma that is true to Lavender, with sugary, yet slightly-green notes. You may like Greek Lavender if you are looking for the therapeutic properties of traditional Lavender, with a dreamy twist.


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