Helichrysum- italicum Essential Oil

An exquisite essential oil that heals and protects, Helichrysum-Italicum is beyond beautiful. It is used as a fixative in perfumes but is gorgeous when enjoyed on its own.

Helichrysum-Italicum has a musky, slightly honey-sweet, and pleasantly pungent aroma like wild sage, making it ideal for pairing with Peppermint and other minty essential oils.

Helichrysum is sometimes called Immortelle or Everlasting since it is among the wide variety of ‘strawflowers’. It is used to enhance youthful skin and applied to sore muscles to recover from overdoing exercises.

It is sourced from northern Italy; considered a premier growing region for this plant. Helichrysum is a flowering plant of the daisy family (Asteraceae). It grows up to about 2 feet in height and blooms pretty yellow flowers. There are more than 500 species of Helichrysum. The leaves and flowers are put through a steam distillation process to extract the essential oil.


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