5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Teen Yoga

Virtual Studio
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Maddie Norris

Our Teen Yoga classes are specifically tailored to suit and meet the needs of teenagers. Helping to increase flexibility and strengthen the body, each class will also promote self-confidence leaving you feeling empowered and more relaxed.

Increases Flexibility and Balance
Builds Core Stability
Improved Posture

There are two booking options: choose 'virtual option' for Zoom or 'physical option' if you are joining at the gym (outside) in person.

Virtual Studio


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Option Price
Intermediate Level

This plan is for 10 Classes a month roughly 2 per week and any class can be taken in the plan excluding Courses, but the the 30 minute Blast classe...

£65.99 per month Select
Entry level Membership

This is for those who are just wanting to do a class a week plus a couple more as extras.
You have physical and Zoom classes and are allocated 6 per...

£39.99 per month Select
Unlimited Membership

This Membership gives you access to all classes and you can take as many classes as you like over the month. These are both physical and on Zoom.

£100.00 per month Select
Young Persons membership

This is for anyone from the age of 16 to 26 and gives the user 10 classes a month to use across the timetable, this does not include the Teen Yoga ...

£49.99 per month Select
Teen yoga 6 week pack

This enables you to buy 6 single Teen passes in one go. These will expire if not used after 6 weeks from the first usage.

£36.00 – one time purchase Select
Teen Yoga pass

This is for the Teen Yoga classes only

£6.00 – one time purchase Select
Shared Partner membership

This is a membership where you can share your passes between you...so 6 each making 12 altogether. If for some reason one of you can only make 4 cl...

£84.99 per month Select
Teen drop in

Drop in for Teens.

£6.00 – one time purchase Select