8:30 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Bodyweight Circuits

Virtual Gym
5 out of 20 Attendees
Sue Jackson

Two fantastic circuits class that using very little equipment other than your body and occasionally a pair of dumbbells. We will push you hard, but we will have loads of fun whilst training here in the gym or in our own homes.

Tuesday 45 mins before work
Wednesday for 1 hour after the school run
Saturday 45 minutes before you get cracking on your weekend!

There are 2 types of classes for each session:

Physical slots are limited to 4 and say VENUE Balance the Countryside Gym

Virtual slots for the same class are limited to 20 Under the heading VIRTUAL GYM

If you are training at home and have some weights, bring them along but the instructor will let you know what you need on the day.

Virtual Gym


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Single Session Drop in Members

This is for when a client comes to the gym in person for a one off class. To either top up or try the class as a one off.

£8.00 – one time purchase Select
3 month Christmas membership

This is a 3 Month for 2 cost membership for January 2021 to end of March 2021. If you wish to extend at this level please then purchase an Intermed...

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Single session 45 Minute pass ( Members only)

This is for a single 45 minute class pass for members only.

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Intermediate Level

This plan is for 10 Classes a month roughly 2 per week and any class can be taken in the plan excluding Courses, but the the 30 minute Blast classe...

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Entry level Membership

This is for those who are just wanting to do a class a week plus a couple more as extras.
You have physical and Zoom classes and are allocated 6 per...

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This Membership gives you access to all classes and you can take as many classes as you like over the month. These are both physical and on Zoom.

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Young Persons membership

This is for anyone from the age of 16 to 26 and gives the user 10 classes a month to use across the timetable, this does not include the Teen Yoga ...

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Teen yoga 6 week pack

This enables you to buy 6 single Teen passes in one go. These will expire if not used after 6 weeks from the first usage.

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Single session drop in for non members

This is for non members to try before they buy or become a member.

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Shared Partner membership

This is a membership where you can share your passes between 6 each making 12 altogether. If for some reason one of you can only make 4 cl...

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