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Post Natal Yoga // Mum & Baby

A post natal yoga class is the perfect way to stretch, rebalance and undo any tension held in the body after child birth. Through mindful breathing and synchronised yoga poses, you will re-tone and strengthen the abdomen and pelvic floor whilst using the breath to rejuvenate energy and relieve the early stresses of being a mum.

This class where mums can bring babies along with them is aimed at a healing nourishing practice promoting postural awareness and inner pelvic health allowing new mum’s to leave feeling strong, relaxed, supported and replenished. This is an opportunity to meet other local mum’s and share your yoga with your baby. Changing, feeding, nursing and playing is welcome throughout. The class is open to mums 6 weeks post-birth/10-12 weeks after C-section (you must have been given the go ahead from your GP) and to all pre-crawling babies.