Beginners Yoga Course

Beginners Yoga Course

Join us for our Introduction to Yoga. This 6 weeks course has been specially designed to give beginners a real experience into the different aspects of Yoga.

The course covers the fundamentals of a yoga practice, you’ll be taken on a journey exploring relaxation, asana (movement and postures) and meditation.

During each 60 minute class you’ll learn how to coordinate movement with the breath. You’ll learn some basic yoga postures and how they are linked together to create flowing sequences to improve your strength, flexibility and wellbeing. 

We also look at relaxation and meditation as a means to relaxing the mind and body.

Whilst each class has its own theme and focus, all yoga practice is interlinked and you’ll learn how to bring all your newly learnt knowledge together.

The course is can help you;
• Relax and destress
Increase flexibility
• Build strength
• Improve your posture
• Sleep better
• Develop confidence to join drop in classes and continue your yoga journey

This course will run for 6 weeks and is £60 and you'll be given an additional class pass to join us for a class once you've completed the course.

(additional class valid for one month after the course)