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Pre and Postnatal Pilates FOLLOW ALONG

Pre and Postnatal Pilates Follow Along
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Georgia Donati Clarke

This class is modified specifically for pregnancy and postnatally to make it comfortable for you whilst carrying baby bump and equally to ease you back into core and neutral ribcage alignment post-birth.

This Pilates class focuses on releasing tension in areas that tend to carry tension, relieving some of those pregnancy symptoms and drawing our ribcage back down and in after birth. Equally if you are pregnant, mobilising the ribcage through breathing can help alleviate some pressure and stiffness around the ribcage.

Join us to see what it's all about!

Pre and Postnatal Pilates Follow Along

What to expect from this recording?

Follow along with me with this video recording created specifically for YOU.

You can access the class ANYTIME after Thursday, 7pm.

The session is specifically modified for pregnancy, but perfectly suitable if you are Postnatal as well.

The exercises we are going to go through today are going to help relieve some tension and stiffness around the ribcage, help connect with your core through breathing and pregnancy safe core exercises, and finally both strengthen and release your hips.

All round a full body session. So, enjoy! And if you have any questions or fancy a chat, then be sure to leave me a message in the comments down below or contact me directly.

Now, let's get started,


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