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Georgia Donati Clarke

Use Pilates from once to seven times a week to realign your body and reduce your risk of injury.

Mondays is Power Pilates: faster transitions, more repetitions and overall a sweatier one!

Wednesdays is Beginner / Essential Pilates, open to all ages & experience, in this class we drill the foundations of Pilates and focus on understanding each exercise.

Fridays is Intermediate Pilates. We start to progress the exercises (whilst still offering the easier modifications where appropriate). The aim is to keep you getting stronger, improve coordination and provide a more challenging workout for those that want it.

Pilates focuses on strengthening all the muscles in the body, lengthening any tight muscles and freeing up the spine, leaving you feeling more grounded and mobile after class. 

Among its many benefits, Pilates strengthens the core, realigns the spine and releases tension in areas prone to carrying tension (e.g., the neck and shoulders).

It also builds longer, leaner muscles, improves posture and can help to de-stress and relax.

Join us to see what it's all about!

N.B. These classes are not modified for Pre & Postnatal. Join our Tuesday class for Pre & Postnatal Pilates. Check it out by clicking on "schedule".


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