9for10 Pass
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 4 months.

Terms and Conditions

This 9FOR10 entitles the purchaser to book 10 class lessons in their class slots that are available online or mobile App. In booking class lessons you agree to the terms of the 24-hour cancellation policy of private lessons and classes.

Class Lessons (Covid-19)

Class lessons will operate relatively similarly to before, however, teachers and pupils must stay socially distanced from everyone. This means teachers will be unable to partner pupils so all dancing for solo pupils will be solo for the time being. Couples lessons will remain in the same format as before, with social distancing between the teacher and pupils implemented.

* 24-hour cancellation policy - (no shows)

Failer to cancel your lesson 24 hour before the start time of the purchased slot will result in losing a purchased credit for that class.