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HDC Academy Ballroom and Latin

This is where it all begins! For children over the age of 6 and that have experience in the basic steps and possibly taken their first or second exam in this dance style. In our level 2 and 3 class, your child will continue learning the steps to all the wonderful dances in the genre of Ballroom and Latin with a higher level of technique and styling required for exams and competitions if your Son or Daughter choose to do so. No child has to compete and take part in exams but it is always a great way to log and track their progression of learning of their dancing ability. This can be discussed with our Academy teachers.

Learning dances like:
Cha Cha
Viennese Waltz

Alongside a few extra like Charleston, Rock n Roll, Swing and many more. Developing the best technique and styling possible in class with learning in a fun way to ensure the enjoyment of every class they come to.

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