2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Pilates & Christmas Wreath-Making

Brookwood Memorial Halls (Brookwood Memorial Halls, Connaught Road, Brookwood, Surrey, GU24 0AL, GB)
(Brookwood Memorial Halls, Connaught Road, Brookwood, Surrey, GU24 0AL, GB)
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Claire Seager

Please join me for an afternoon of Pilates and Christmas Wreath-Making on Saturday 3rd December 2-5.30pm in Brookwood Memorial Hall.

We will start with a 45 minute Pilates class, then break for a glass of mulled wine and a home-made mince-pie.  

Florist Georgina Taylor will then demonstrate how to make a beautiful Christmas wreath.  You will be provided with all the materials to create your own wreath to take home with you.  George and I will be on hand for inspiration and advice and the mulled wine and mince-pies will continue to flow, to sustain your creative efforts!

Brookwood Memorial Halls

Please bring your mat and something to rest your head upon (a block or a small cushion or rolled up towel). A filled water bottle if you think you'll need it.

Brookwood Memorial Halls are located just behind the fish and chip shop in Brookwood.

We will be using the smaller of the two halls. Please park away from others if possible. Please remain in your car until you see me open the doors and welcome you in. Please enter the hall spaced at two metres apart.

I will provide hand sanitiser for you to use when you enter the hall.

Please remove your outdoor shoes and carry them over to one of the rubber dots on the floor. Each rubber dot is spaced at least two metres apart. You can roll out your mat there and place your car keys, shoes, water bottle in a small pile at the head of your mat. I will be instructing from the stage end of the room.

The toilets are available to a maximum of one person at a time, Please wipe down any surfaces after use. I will provide wipes. The kitchen is not available for use so please fill your water bottle at home.

At the end of class please sanitise your hands again on the way out. You are welcome to wear a mask if that is your preference as you enter and exit. It is not suggested that you wear a mask during the Pilates class.

If you have any questions about these extra precautions, please do let me know.


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