11 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Charity Barre Class

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11 Attendees
Claire Seager

A Barre class to raise funds for The Village Centre, Englefield Green. You will need a sturdy chair with a back and some space to stretch your legs out.

The Village Centre aims to introduce a Community Fridge in January, through the Community Fridge Network (Hubbub) where they will be providing fresh food and produce to the local community. Volunteers will be involved in collecting surplus perishable food from local businesses that will then be made available to those in the community who need it. The Community Fridge will cut food waste, build stronger bonds within the community and provide people with nutritious and perishable food items.

Part of the project will be volunteers cooking some of the perishable items collected into
meals which will then be distributed to those in need through the Fridge. The Village Centre currently has a kitchen with a very old second hand oven and they need to replace this to be able to regularly cook the volume of meals needed. Funds raised at the charity Barre class will go towards the purchase of this new oven.

Zoom Online Class


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