6 Week Challenge
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 6 weeks.

Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Successful Completion: As part of my accepting one of the very limited spaces on this coaching program, I agree to all of the following terms of this agreement and accept that not adhering to any of the following terms will mean my deposit becomes non-refundable.


1. Complete a minimum of 3 x Resistance Followed by HIIT training sessions per week

2. Watch 100% of the 3 weekly online education videos (nutrition, exercise & mindset) on the challenge website

3. Post a photo food diary of what you are eating in our Private Facebook accountability group.

4. Send basic measurements & weight in to the trainer every week as shown?

5. Make us aware ASAP if you need any further assistance

6. Check in on your personal Facebook and Tag ‘Head Active’ and Jordan Head once a week

7. Provide progress photos (full length - one back, one front, one side, both at day 0 and at the end of the 6 weeks) and allow these to be used for promotional purposes. FINAL PHOTOS AND MEASUREMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 1 DAY OF PROGRAM COMPLETION
8. Make a Video Testimonial at Head Active, A Google Review and A Facebook Review at the end of the program and allow these to be used for promotional purposes.

9. Lose either 18 Pounds in Weight OR 6% Body fat. To be measured with one of the coaches.

10. Complete 3 Weight & body fat measurements at Head Active 1. Before the program begins, 2. Half way through the program. 3. At week 6. Acknowledge the results as measured determine the completion of the challenge.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING: I have read the Terms and Conditions, and I understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and voluntarily and intend, by my signature, that this document be a complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. I further certify that I have fully read and understand the terms of this agreement and will comply with the contents herein.


DOCTOR APPROVAL: I have represented to Head Active that I have either a) been given a Doctor’s permission to participate in the Training, or b) voluntarily participate in the Training and all risks related to the Training without the approval of my Doctor(s). I represent that I am not aware of any medical or physical condition that would prevent me from participating in the Training or from using equipment or facilities, which pose a serious health risk to me. I further acknowledge that Trainer has relied on my statements as being accurate and complete, as a condition to entering into this Agreement. I further acknowledge and agree that I am not obligated to participate in any Training that I do not wish to participate in. I will inform Trainer immediately if I do not wish to participate in any specific Training.

MEMBERSHIP DURATION: I understand that my initial membership will last for a total of 6 weeks from my start date

RESCHEDULING / MISSED SESSIONS: I understand missed sessions do NOT carry over into the next week or phase and that I am responsible for attending all of my sessions.

NAME AND LIKENESS RELEASE: I understand that Trainer may photograph or video me prior to, during the delivery of, or at the completion of Training and I agree to allow Trainer to use photographs and videos of me, as well as name and likeness for promotional purposes.

FREE PROGRAM – MEMBERSHIP BASED: I understand that upon successful completion of the program, should I choose to remain a member, my initial payment will be taken off a 12 month membership at the end of my initial 6 weeks by reducing my membership by £25/mo for 12 months

FREE PROGRAM – RESULTS BASED: I understand that by hitting my target of losing 18lbs or 6% body fat and adhering to all terms of successful completion, over the course of my 6 week program, I am eligible for a full refund should I choose this option

COMMITMENT: I understand that by making payment I am committing to this program, and that all payments are non refundable, so should I not commence the program no refund will be given (other than on successful completion of this program as detailed). I understand my membership CAN however be transferred to an alternative start date up to 6 months from todays date should this be necessary.

COVID GUARANTEE: I understand that in the event of a ‘Lockdown’ or any Covid related restrictions, Head Active will continue to operate, through online coaching, ensuring I am able to complete my 6 Week Challenge as planned and on schedule