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Beginners Yoga

If you are new to yoga or have already started on your journey and need a refresher this class offers the opportunity to focus on key yoga postures through gentle sequences to build strength and balance.

Beginners Yoga - Booked in 6 week block. Building a strong foundation and understanding of yoga and how it works for you. Space to ask questions, wobble, fall over and have fun.

Providing you with the space to grow and develop your own practice, physically and mentally. Helping you to understand your body and learn how to relax.

Sessions are to be taken consecutively and cannot be carried over unless specifically agreed in advance with Yoganic. If you are unfortunately ill then we will not be able to roll over your space.

Covid19 - If you or a family member are required to isolate then special circumstances can be granted. Please contact Nicola at yoganicne@gmail.com. In the even we are unable to reopen on the dates specified your course dates will either me moved accordingly or a full refund offered.