Em Yoga Aura Spray - Sacred Space

Sacred Space

A blend of carefully selected pure essential oils including Blue Cypress, Lemon & Tangerine infused with a crystal of Ametrine.

A fragrance for clearing & creating a Sacred Space. The spray clears away stagnant energy and uplifts the energetic vibration of a room. Lemon invites focus & mental clarity, Blue Cypress offers grounding & stabilizing properties plus Tangerine for creativity & sense of optimism.

This journeying blend quietly encourages and allows you to create and settle into a Sacred Space, that may be your place of work, meditation, yoga or the space of the inner Self. It is wonderful to use after a meeting, yoga practice or meditation to allow the space to be left energetically vibrant and clear.

Ametrine offers a sense of intuition allowing you create the Sacred Space you need on that day.

To use:
Shake gently, spray around the aura, body or physical space. Do not spray into the eyes. Not to be taken internally. Keep product away children. Do not use if pregnant. Do not used if diagnosed with epilepsy. Keep in a cool place. Use by 1yr opening sign


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