Em Yoga Aura Spray - Clear & Energise

Clear & Energise

A blend of carefully selected pure essential oils including Juniper, Spikenard & Roman Chamomile. Infused with a crystal of Amethyst.

A fragrance for clearing and energising. The spray clears resistant & tired energy, bringing a calm, energetic & protected space. It can energise and uplift your mind, body, spirit connection & the energy of a physical space, whilst also encouraging a sense of stability and strength.

Juniper invites the sense of courage, an ability to dream ideas so you may take them forward with the confidence. Spikenard assists in feeling grounded & present in the moment. Roman Chamomile connects you with your inner self and purpose.

Amethyst brings calm, reassurance & serenity.

To use:

Shake gently, spray around the aura, body or physical space. Do not spray into the eyes. Not to be taken internally. Keep product away children. Do not use if pregnant. Do not used if diagnosed with epilepsy. Keep in a cool place. Use by 1 year opening sign.



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