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Vinyasa Flow - 4 week block

This Vinyasa Flow class is a dynamic yoga flow class. Vinyasa is a practice where postures or asanas are connected through breath for a transformative and balancing effect. Classes energise, build stamina, flexibility and strength as well as a calming meditation for the mind. The creative sequencing found in a Vinyasa class is often built around Surya Namaskar (sun salutations). Vinyasa yoga weaves yogic teaching and music that inspire physical, energetic, mental and intuitive states. As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognises the temporary nature of things; we enter into a posture, are there for a while and then leave.

Karen @ Yoga-Mimi aims to bring a sense of fun to her classes so the atmosphere is light, warm and welcoming. All levels are welcome; Karen will provide modifications whether it is your first or 100th class!

Cost £7.50 per class when booked as a course or £8.50 for a drop in (if availability).

* Please note this is an exercise based class and whilst open to beginners, may not be suitable for those with limited mobility or certain injuries/conditions. Please contact the instructor directly for more information (details below).

Instructor - Karen McPherson

Email: k.mcpherson1622@gmail.com

*Please note that full course refunds are only possible up to 7 days before the commencement of the course. Cancellation of any individual course sessions after commencement will not be reimbursed. However, all other sessions can be attended as normal. So please check the dates and your availability carefully prior to booking.