Low Flying - Stretch & Flow (All Levels)

Expect to use the hammock, set at low height, as a prop for both support and added challenge in these yang/yin low hammock classes suitable for all levels. We will link breath to movement as we flow through sequences before slowing down the practice, experimenting with longer holds of yin style stretches, to focus on increasing flexibility. There will be elements of breathing practices and yoga philosophy interwoven into these classes and always finishing with a relaxing floating savasana - leaving you feeling both revived, rebalanced and ready for a good night's sleep! 


Beginners friendly. The class will include supported gentle half inversions, where the heart is above the head, so may not be suitable for those with high or very low blood pressure. Please consult your doctor for further advice.

Your teacher's name is Ellen and her contact email is adharayoga.uk@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions:
*Please note that this course is not refundable or transferable after booking.  Cancellation of individual course sessions will not be reimbursed; however, all other sessions can be attended as normal. So please check the dates and your availability carefully prior to booking.