BREATHWORK WORKSHOP - COMING HOME another journey into the breath
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 1 day.
This 3-hour workshop will take you on a journey of the breath, exploring some of the ways in which we hold on to stories and experiences and how these can lead to thoughts and feelings which create stress in the mind and body. You will be safely and expertly guided through your own personal experience within, to a place where you can let go and create peace within. Through the practise of conscious SOMA breathwork - a holistic, therapeutic breathwork technique rooted in the ancient practices of pranayama - you'll go deep into your body, experience the power of the breath. This experiential workshop is a combination of talk, breathwork and meditation. It is suitable for everyone including those who are familiar with meditation and breathwork, and also those who are perhaps curious but have never experienced this kind of practice before.

Matt is a SOMA Breath Instructor.  After several years practicing both meditation and kundalini yoga and exploring the many modalities of breathwork, Matt soon discovered the power of the breath, and the many benefits conscious breathwork can deliver.  Taking himself deeper into the practice of SOMA Breath, he trained as an instructor and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and practice.

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