Women's Circle
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 1 day.
Calling all women who have already moved mountains to be where you are today. We watch as the chaos in the world rises with this shift into the New Age and perhaps we feel that shift within ourselves too as we evolve through this time of uncertainty. Never has there been such a need to come together in a mutually supportive circle of women to empower and inspire each other. This is a circle where each one of you has a voice, a chance to share your authentic self and inspire other women to do the same.

It’s an opportunity to connect to like-minded women to be heard, held and seen without judgment, and feel empowered by the synchronicity of feeling and the positivity generated within the circle. You are invited to meet once a month, in circle to experience a short guided meditation or other guided therapeutic practice and then to share something to help rise the empowerment within us all.

This is a pay as you go group and no expectation or commitment is required.

*As you book in for the session, your details will be shared with Carrie who will forward the key theme of that month’s meeting to you. All meetings will be kept small in group size to allow everyone to feel at ease within the group.

Terms and Conditions

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