Yin Yoga + Tama-Do Sound Harmonizations®
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 1 day.
The best of both worlds.. .Jenny and Carrie Mitchell will take you on a Yin and Sound journey where embodied movement, harmonics & resonance of sound will activate the body on a deep, cellular level. You will be invited by Jenny to a Yin practice to surrender, in order to journey in and reconnect with whatever lies beneath your habitual patterns. Exploring holding poses a little longer to help stretch the connective tissue around the joints and access the deeper layers of fascia, welcoming opportunity to meet yourself back in a parasympathetic place. This offering will combine the practices of yin yoga and meditation in an effort to slow down and create space and balance.

The Yin will be followed by an inspiring Sound Journey through the chakras by Carrie to harness the healing power of the 5 Elements of nature allowing the deepest opening & relaxation, at the same time as clearing and empowering your auric field. In these times of chaos and challenge, this form of sound bath helps us open to the silence within, where we tune to our own higher wisdom as well as revitalise our mind, body and soul, through the transformational power of the elements, the waxing moon and the stars... It is within the silence between the sounds that true healing can begin and you can experience your Soul potentials unfold.

Step away from the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in an ocean of sound. Your ultimate mind, body, soul healing and relaxation is here. 

Please bring extra soft layers and a pillow, as well as a blanket to make yourself warm & fully comfortable as the Sound Harmonization are best conducted lying down, although a sitting position can be adopted using the chairs, bolsters and walls if preferred.

Terms and Conditions

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