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To honour the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, we come together to cultivate our own inner light.  At this candle-lit session, the evening will begin with a Cacao Ceremony, a sacred ritual with the intention to open and connect with your heart, before relaxing under the healing energy of crystal singing bowls.  Cacao "The SuperFood of The Gods” is a natural plant medicine which helps us to blissfully and deeply relax into the energy of heart from its high level of magnesium, flavonoids, antioxidents, vitamins B's and much more. Cacao, bitter, sweet and powerful at the same time, is a subtle ancestral medicine that helps us open our hearts and heal. In the indigenous ways, medicine refers to anything that brings alignment of mind, body, and spirit.  

After a short guided meditation, sounds of the crystal bowl and other instruments will played to balance the autonomic nervous system, to calm stress and revitalise fatigue. This crystal sound healing is a perfect time to unwind from all the stresses of the Christmas rush and provide a nurturing space for reflection and relaxation. The winter solstice represents regeneration and renewal as it signifies the rebirth of the sun and a gradual shift to longer days and more daylight. It is a potent day to rest and reflect. No experience required. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow.
Cacao ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. Guided with honour, respect, integrity and authenticity by Jenny, a 2nd generation Cacao Medicine Guardian having learned this sacred Mayan rite directly from her teachers in Mexico.

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