8 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Zoom yoga for complete beginners course

Yoga Point Brixton Online B

This class is for people who have not done any yoga or have done very little or would like to go over the basics again. In the studio props are often used but Vaccasin is aware that people are having to practice at home and often do not have yoga props. For this class the equivalent of up to 2-3 blocks might be needed and a belt of some kind. You can substitute blocks with folded towels or books. Vaccasin will check with you at the beginning of the class. For the pose at the end of the class "Savasana" you will lie on the mat on your back. Often people like to put a blanket over them for this, so you can have a blanket or towel to hand for this.

Props that would be useful to have for this class are 2-3 blocks and a belt.

Yoga Point Brixton Online B

Yoga Point has been providing yoga, meditation and therapies in Brixton since 2010. It has always been a place where yoga and community connection are valued over fashion and performance. Due to recent events we are now providing classes online.


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