noon - 12:55 p.m.

Improver and Intermediate

4 out of 12 Attendees
Lucy Tomlinson

A class for clients who have been attending Pilates for six months +. The class will cover the Pilates principles: alignment, breathing and centering, building on what you have learned in the All Levels class to an intermediate level with new exercises and variations. The class is designed to challenge both the mind and body so that you keep learning and improving your Pilates technique.



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Option Price
The Maintenance Plan

Perfect if you are…
- Short on time but you want to start/maintain a healthy routine
- In need of some help to stay consistent with your exercise


£48.00 per month Select
The Improvement and Change Plan

Perfect if you are...
- Looking to commit to regular practice for faster results and long-term benefits
- Wanting to get strength and mobility quick...

£88.00 per month Select