Strength to Run monthly pass
JLG Fitness & Wellbeing is thrilled to bring you 'Strength to Run', a programme made for runners, by a runner. Whether your goal is to improve your speed, increase your range of mobility, prevent injury, or to just improve general fitness, then you will be pleased to hear that the Strength to Run programme is here. Jason has tried and tested this program over the last 18 months, and he is proof that keeping a focus on your strength work will not slow you down. In fact, with the right blend of strength and conditioning work, he has increased his speed and overall endurance, as well as staying injury free. Runners love to run, but an hour a week making yourself a stronger runner is one of the best uses of time. Each session will be varied and focus on strengthening the major muscle groups involved in running: glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, ankles and core. Pre- and post-race active stretching techniques will also be shared, as well as insights into Jason's own pre-race rituals, hydration and nutrition.
  • £18.00 per month
    Terms and conditions
    This membership bills every month. Payment for the first partial period will be prorated according to the days remaining in the period. This membership entitles the purchaser to a full or partial discount on events/classes offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership.